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Double Lock
When inside your room double lock your door(s) by turning the button on the door handle. 
Always lock the balcony door (if you have one) in the same way.  

Emergency please dial #5
Our Emergency Hotline - extension 5 (five) is active 24 hours a day. 
In the event of a fire do not use lift.
Please review the fire instructions on the inside of your guest room door.

Fire Safety and Security please dial #5
Please review the information posted behind your guest room door. In the event of a fire use the Emergency Hotline - extension # 5. Our Operator will activate the hotel’s Emergency Plan. Remain calm. Do not use the lift.
Always ensure the outside door(s) is firmly closed when leaving your room.

Room Key
Safeguard your room key at all times. You may keep your key throughout your stay.
If you loose your key card, please report it immediately to Front Desk. On departure please return the key to Reception. Please do not leave it in the room or in the door.

Safety Deposit Box 
Safety deposit boxes are available in your room. Hotel does not accept responsibility for articles of value which are not locked in a safety deposit box at Reception.

Your safety and the security of your valuables is the utmost importance to us. 
When leaving your room:

a)    Do not leave valuables in the room unattended
b)    Test your safety deposit box door to make sure it is locked
c)    Firmly close the outside room door(s) and check to ensure it is locked. 

Emergency Procedures 

Your safety and the security of your valuables is of the utmost importance to us! Please read the following information carefully. Please dial ext: 0 (Operator) for further clarification.

Fire Procedures
Please familiarize yourself with the location of the closest fire exit. A map has been provided on the inside of your door for this purpose. If the alarm is sounded or you smell smoke:
Take you room key only, do not pack your belongings
Test your door for heat and smoke before leaving
If it is safe to do so exit to the nearest stairwell
Do not use the elevator.
Should the door be warm door or the corridor impassable:
•  Place wet towels along the inside base of the closed
•  Call the Emergency Hotline - extension 5 and give the Operator your name & room number 
  Turn off the air conditioner to prevent smoke from entering the room
  Sit low to avoid inhaling the smoke
Tsunami Procedures
If a tsunami alarm is issued, please follow the instructions and make your way to evacuation area located on the 4th floor of hotel building.
Move away from the beach immediately as a precautionary measure!
Listen to announcements from the hotel and follow the instructions.
Members of our evacuation team will guide you to our tsunami evacuation area.
You recognise the members of our evacuation team by their yellow/orange signal vests.
Tsunami evacuation signs also guide you to the evacuation area.

Follow the red arrows to the evacuation area

The green signs indicate that you have reached the evacuation area.
Do not use lift, please use the stairs.
Do not carry unnecessary items.
If not in reach of your hotel move to higher ground and as far away from the beach as possible immediately.
Don’t waste time – better be safe than sorry!
Earthquake Procedures
If you feel an earthquake, protect yourself
Don’t panic!
Drop, cover [e.g. under a strong table] and hold on!
Stay away from windows. 
Listen to our announcements and follow the instructions.
For further information on how to protect yourself from earthquakes, please visit:
  • After an earthquake, be aware that a tsunami alarm may follow
  • Strong underwater earthquakes can trigger a tsunami.
  • If you feel an earthquake, immediately move as far away from the beach as possible and to higher ground as a precautionary measure! 
  • Listen to our announcements and follow the instructions.
  • If you are not close to our hotel, pay attention to tsunami warning sirens where available and follow the instructions of the local authorities! In some areas evacuation signs will guide you to official evacuation areas.
  • If a tsunami occurs be aware that after the first wave, more waves are likely to follow!
    Wait for an official “All Clear” message before leaving shelter.


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