December 2018

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December 2018 Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur - Bali E-news

Warmest greetings from Bali and welcome to our December e-newsletter. In this edition, we give you a sneak peak on what's happening in Bali as well as at Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur - Bali.

We invited children from Solemen Foundation to spend a day at camp splash and kids club, it is a pleasure to see their happy smiles. As Christmas is just around the corner, do not miss the Christmas Day Lunch at Sanur Harum Restaurant with a visit from Santa! There’s also information about a cultural event of one of the most celebrated ceremonies in Bali, Galungan Day. Now you can contact us via Whatsapp for a better customer service. Looking for a pretty place to fill your Instagram feed? Why don’t visit Dream Island at Mertasari Beach which is just minutes drive from Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur – Bali.  

Holiday season is coming, it's certainly a great time to travel to Bali.  Why not book a last minute holiday at our hotel?

Happy Smiling Faces Of Children From Solemen Bali Foundation

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (‘Solemen’), an Indonesian non -profit foundation, provides direct support and funding for the disadvantaged and ‘diffabled’ (differently abled) in Bali. Established in October 2010, Solemen is one of Bali’s most trusted and visible charities. The Governor of Bali is Solemen’s ‘Pelindung’ (Guardian/Patron) and the charity is endorsed by the Bali Government Tourism Office and the Bali Hotels Association.

We’ve been supporting Solemen by selling teddy bears at Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali, the sale of the teddy bears is fully donated to the foundation. On the November 16, 2018, we invited children from Solemen to spend a day the camp splash & kids club and to enjoy lunch. There were about 40 people from the foundation who came over to the Suites. Our Suites Manager, Bapak Ratep welcomed the children and together with our staffs accompanied them to have a fun day! It is such a pleasure to see their happy smiling faces. You too can support them by purchasing Solemen teddy bears that are available at our reception desk. Your contribution means a lot to them.

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (‘Solemen’), adalah sebuah yayasan nonprofit Indonesia yang memberikan bantuan langsung dan pendanaan bagi mereka yang kurang beruntung dan ‘difabel’. Didirikan pada Oktober 2010, Solemen adalah salah satu badan amal Bali yang paling tepercaya. Gubernur Bali adalah salah satu pelindung yayasan ini dan amal ini didukung oleh Kantor Pariwisata Pemerintah Bali serta BHA (Bali Hotel Association)

Prime Plaza Hotel and Suites Sanur - Bali telah mendukung Solemen dengan menjual boneka beruang di Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali, hasil penjualan boneka beruang sepenuhnya disumbangkan ke yayasan. Pada tanggal 16 November 2018, kami mengundang anak-anak dari Solemen untuk menghabiskan waktu denagn bermain di camp splash & kids club serta menikmati makan siang. Ada sekitar 40 orang dari yayasan yang datang ke Suites. Manajer Suites kami, Bapak Ratep menyambut anak-anak dan bersama dengan staf kami menemani mereka menikmati hari yang menyenangkan! Sungguh menyenangkan melihat wajah-wajah bahagia anak-anak tersebut. Anda juga dapat mendukung mereka dengan membeli boneka teddy Solemen yang tersedia di Prime Plaza Suites Sanur - Bali. Kontribusi Anda sangat berarti bagi mereka.


Christmas Day Lunch At Sanur Harum Restaurant

Celebrate Christmas with a festive celebration at Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur - Bali. Christmas will be celebrated at Sanur Harum Restaurant with an extensive buffet lunch. An International menu has been specially created by our award-winning chef for you to enjoy. From ravioli scented with cognac to roasted turkey and beef medallions with a creamy mushroom sauce, a macaroon pyramid to blueberry clafoutis, and much more to choose from our sumptuous buffet. Santa will drop by with goodies from the children! There will be also live music performance and magician show! The Christmas Day Lunch is only at IDR 385.000 nett per person, kids 5-12 years old are half price! Start from 12.00 midday – 14.30 pm.

For further information and bookings, please e-mail to: or dial +62 361 281781. This increasingly popular event is booking out fast, so make sure you reserve your table early. 

Rayakan Hari Raya Natal di Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur - Bali. Hari raya Natal akan dirayakan di Sanur Harum Restaurant dengan sajian makanan prasmanan spesial. Bebagai macam pilihan menu internasional khusus dibuat oleh chef kami untuk anda nikmati. Mulai dari ravioli dengan aroma cognac, kalkun panggang dan daging sapi medallion dengan saus jamur dan krim mentega, piramida macaroon, blueberry clafoutis, dan masih banyak lagi yang bisa anda nikmati dari sajian prasmanan kami. Pastikan Anda mengajak anak-anak Anda karena akan ada kunjungan dari Santa Claus!  Hanya dengan Rp 385.000 per orang dan anak-anak berusia 5-12 tahun mendapatkan diskon 50%, anda sudah dapat merayakan hari Natal bersama kami.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dan pemesanan silahkan menghubungi (0361) 281781 atau e-mail ke: . 


Cultural Event: Galungan Day

Galungan is a Balinese Hindu holiday, which celebrates the victory of Dharma (good) over adharma (evil). This time round, Galungan day falls on December 26, 2018. As Galungan falls every 210 days, there are roughly 2 Galungan celebrations every calendar year. Throughout the day, temples are crowded with people coming and going, bringing intricate offerings and praying. Balinese Hindus believe that during the Galungan period, the sacred ancestors of the family descend to their former homes. The current habitants have the responsibility to be hospitable to these spirits through prayers and offerings. Families who have ancestors that have not yet been cremated, but are still buried in the village cemetery, must present the offerings at the graves of the deceased. 
Although Galungan falls on a Wednesday, the celebration begins the day before, on a day that is called "Penampahan Galungan". On Penampahan Galungan day, people are busy preparing offerings and cooking for the next day, whilst the women of the household have been busy for days already, creating beautifully woven "Banten" (offerings made from young coconut leaves). Outside all houses, you can find "Penjor", a long decorated bamboo pole installed by the side of the entrance to the family home.

The day after Galungan is "Manis Galungan", a day for everyone to visit their relatives and friends. If you happen to be in Bali during Galungan, do not miss the opportunity to witness and capture this unique festival.

Galungan merupakan hari raya bagi umat Hindu, khususnya di Bali  yang merupakan perayaan kemenangan Dharma (kebaikan) melawan Adharma (kejahatan). Dalam setahun ada 2 kali hari raya Galungan pada setiap 210 hari sekali perhitungan kalender Bali, dan di bulan ini jatuh pada tanggal 26 December 2018. Pada hari raya Galungan, pura di Bali dipenuhi oleh orang yang melakukan persembahyangan dengan membawa sesajen. Umat Hindu di Bali percaya bahwa selama periode Galungan, arwah para nenek moyang akan turun kembali ke rumah terdahulunya. Para keluarga memiliki tanggung jawab untuk memberikan sesajen dan berdoa untuk arwah para nenek moyang mereka. Jika ada anggota keluarga yang sudah meninggal dan belum dikremasi melainkan masih dimakamkan di pemakaman desa, pihak keluarga akan menyajikan sesajen  di pemakaman.

Meskipun hari raya Galungan jatuhnya pada hari Rabu, perayaan sudah dimulai sehari sebelumnya yang disebut "Penampahan Galungan". Pada hari Penampahan Galungan, orang-orang sibuk mempersiapkan sesajen dan memasak, sementara para perempuan telah sibuk jauh hari sebelumnya mempersiapkan "Banten" (sesajen yang dibuat dari janur). Diluar rumah, anda bisa melihat "Penjor"  (tiang bambu panjang yang dihiasi janur) yang dipasang di samping pintu gerbang . 

Sehari setelah perayaan Galungan disebut "Manis Galungan", hari dimana orang-orang mengunjungi keluarga dan teman-teman. Jika anda kebetulan berada di Bali selama perayaan Galungan, jangan lewatkan kesempatan ini untuk menyaksikan perayaan yang unik ini. 


A Pretty Little Place In A Pretty Little Island

Located at Mertasari Sari beach, Dream Island Bali is just a few minutes’ drive from Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur – Bali. Also known as “Taman Inspirasi” this place is easily recognized by its swing at the beach with “Dream Island” wording on top of it.  There is also a wooden bridge jutting into the beach where you can relax while enjoying refreshing drinks or taking selfies with beautiful beach as the background. In addition, the mangrove conservation also adds to the beauty of the natural background. Grab your phone, take as many photos as you can and post them on your social media, make your friends jealous! 

There are many things you can do at Taman Inspirasi or Dream Island, not only for young people who like to discover new things, but also for children and adults. Children can build sand castles or swim at the beach while adults can enjoy a relaxing massage or having delicious meals from the restaurant. Click here to check the location.


Terletak di pantai Mertasari Sari, Dream Island Bali hanya berjarak beberapa menit berkendara dari Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur - Bali. Tempat wisata yang juga dikenal sebagai "Taman Inspirasi" tempat ini mudah dikenali dengan ayunannya di pantai dengan kata-kata "Dream Island" di atasnya. Ada juga jembatan kayu yang menjorok ke pantai di mana Anda dapat bersantai sambil menikmati minuman menyegarkan atau berfoto selfie dengan pantai yang indah sebagai latar belakang. Selain itu, konservasi mangrove juga menambah keindahan latar belakang alam. Ambil ponsel Anda, ambil foto sebanyak mungkin dan posting di media sosial Anda!

Ada banyak hal yang dapat Anda lakukan di Taman Inspirasi atau "Dream Island" ini, tidak hanya bagi kaum muda yang suka mencoba hal-hal baru, tetapi juga untuk anak-anak dan orang dewasa. Anak-anak dapat membangun istana pasir atau berenang di pantai sementara orang dewasa dapat menikmati pijat santai atau menikmati makanan lezat dari restoran. Klik di sini untuk memeriksa lokasi.


Contact us Via Whatsapp

As the technology keeps getting advancing, we have also adapted into the modern age in communication . To ofter a better customer service, Prime Plaza Hotel and Suites Sanur – Bali is now available on whatsapp. Please add our Whatsapp number: +6285954739673 or you can also click here to connect it via our website.

Our Whatsapp service is available during office hours, from Monday to Friday at 9 am to 6 pm Bali time and on Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Seiring perkembangan teknologi yang semakin pesat, kami juga telah beradaptasi dengan era modern dalam komunikasi. Untuk mendapatkan layanan pelanggan yang lebih baik, Prime Plaza Hotel dan Suites Sanur - Bali sekarang memberikan layanan customer service melalui whatsapp. Silakan tambahkan nomor Whatsapp kami: +6285954739673 atau Anda juga dapat mengklik di sini untuk menghubungkannya melalui situs web kami.

Layanan Whatsapp kami tersedia selama jam kerja, dari Senin hingga Jumat pada jam 9 pagi hingga 6 sore waktu Bali dan pada hari Sabtu dari jam 9 pagi sampai jam 12 malam. Silahkan menghubungi kami via whatsapp.


Guests' Review

Check out a review that was recently posted on TripAdvisor. To post a review and read more reviews, please visit our TripAdvisor page.

1.”Great place to stay in Sanur” by: Heeny89
Great hotel to stay in. We arrived early to the hotel and the accommodated an early check-in for my friends and I which we were so grateful of. All staff were so welcoming and friendly, everyday they greeted with politeness. The breakfast buffet was acceptable. There was good entertainment (live singer) in the evening which I enjoyed. 

2. “Excellent Hotel” by: willemkegroningen 
Nice hotel, friendly staff, place to be, clean, every day a bottle of drinking water in the room. free bus to the beach on the hour.
Taxi service, and we loved the Paradise Spa! 
If we go to Bali again I would definitely book this hotel again!

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1. "Tempat yang bagus untuk menginap di Sanur" oleh: Heeny89
Hotel yang besar,  kami tiba lebih awal ke hotel dan dijinkan untuk early check-in bersama teman-teman saya, kami sangat berterima kasih untuk itu. Semua staf sangat ramah dan bersahabat, setiap hari mereka menyapa kami dengan sopan. Sarapan prasmanannya enak. Ada hiburan yang bagus (live band) di malam hari yang sangat saya nikmati.

2. “Hotel Luar Biasa” oleh: willemkegroningen
Hotel yang bagus, staf yang ramah, tempat yang bersih, setiap hari sebotol air minum disediakan di kamar, shuttle bus gratis ke pantai setiap jam.
Layanan taksi, dan kami menyukai layanan di spa!
Jika kami berlibur ke Bali lagi kami pasti akan memesan hotel ini lagi!

Bagaimana Anda menilai kami? Bagi pengalaman Anda disini : Klik Disini


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